Speaks primarily to industrial, academic and government groups in the US and Asia.


Performed his compositions in North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Significant impact innovating within computer, audio &  innovation industries.


Combining improvisation with through-composed music

As a composer bridging the disparite worlds of improvsational jazz and contemporary classical music, HowardL has had the good fortune to perform his orignal compositions in many parts of the world. Music is truly a universal langauge.  

In order to lower the reduce the effort required to make music with many different people in many different styles Howard began compsing a type of music he calls NeuBop combining simple harmonic underpinnings with sophisticated soloing which he has performed with rock, jazz, folk, blues and classical musicans as well as a solo monsemble.

In our accelerating world, musician concert preperation time is at a premium. A traditional approach to coping with this time pressure is to perform standard pieces which many musicans are already familiar with.  Both classical and jazz musicans frequently employ this method. As an involuntary innovator HowardL needed a different approach. For more