Innovation Sanctuary

Day 79 Week 12 Q1 Tuesday, March 20, 2018 12:02 AM

Most people who describe with great enthusiasm new ideas that do not yet tangibly exist in the world have a tendency to receive negative feedback. And if you are sensitive enough to tune into new concepts there is a pretty good change you have experienced strong resistance. Here is a quick and easy thing you can do about it. 

Before attempting to excite others about  your breakthrough of how you are going to turn insights into income, concepts into commerce first or innovation into value, it is worth first taking the time to both understand and to acknowledge the circumstances and point of view of the person you will be attempting to excite. In fact be an ACE and first acknowledge, thereby getting their attention so they are a bit more willing to listen to you, and then do a little deeper dive to  after listening to what your conversation partner has to say to come back and use some of your creativity to analyze and clarify the situation which is the context your new idea is going to have to live in, and then begin to use your imagination to generate more options than your colleague, boss or whoever you are speaking with has thought about. Use these options to excite the person about your idea which is a solution to a problem they already know they have and that you just reminded them of.  And no I am not speaking of creating pain so you can receive it, that is just cruel. Congratulations if you have jsut been an ACE and taken these three generative steps of acknowledgement, clarification and excitation you have just created an Innovation Sanctuary for yourself and others to live in, and believe me you are going to need it!  In fact the better your idea is the more you  are going to need it.